Step One: Meditation

When my spiritual adviser told me to begin with meditation, I told her how difficult it was for me to just sit down at home and do it. There are so many distractions and my mind seems to never settle. Even with guided meditation videos on YouTube or ones that I download from elsewhere, I find it hard to keep the meditation going. Another problem was that I wanted it to be perfect. I am somewhat of a huge perfectionist. If I were to meditate, I would want to meditate for an hour. If I couldn’t then I wouldn’t continue trying to meditate at all.

Thus, I went on Google to search for places around town where I could begin meditating at with the support of other people. The search lead me to the local Shambhala Meditation Center. When I walked in this morning I felt very at peace and was warmly welcomed as a new practitioner of meditation. Before, I used to fear going out into the public and trying new things. But now as I continue to do these things such as join groups and confront fears, I become more fearless and open. The hardest thing is to get yourself out there. My big motivation came to me through a few dramatic life changing happenings. I believe that these happenings pushed me to consider living a fuller life and the choice was mine on whether I wanted to do it or not. I chose to walk through the doors.

So I found today that there is no perfection in meditation. To know more about myself, I must meditate and be comfortable in my own body. What you want is just for your body to relax and have your thoughts settle. The group and instruction helped me tremendously today. I recommend anyone who is interested in meditation to find a local group to see how it’s like.